We are thrilled to share the incredible journey of our GREENGAGE project during our recent in-person project meeting in the picturesque localities of Den Bosch and Breda in the Netherlands. Those few days have been a whirlwind of productivity, innovation, and hands-on exploration, all aimed at enhancing urban accessibility and livability through sustainable practices. Let us take you through the highlights of our recent adventure!

Day 1: A Dynamic Start in Den Bosch

We kicked off the first day of our in-person project meeting in the premises of Province of North Brabant, in the charming town of Den Bosch, where we were welcomed by the manager of the local cycling team.

Our work continued with a collaborative discussion on the progress of our work packages, sharing insights and leveraging our collective expertise. We reviewed our current achievements and mapped out the next steps together. We also reflected on the status of our pilots, outlining the current progress and identifying the steps needed to advance to the next stage.

The day culminated in a dynamic and engaging collaborative road-mapping workshop led by our GREENGAGE partner KWMC. We have collectively refined the storyline of North Brabant Observatory, clarifying existing challenges, opportunities, and roles to drive public engagement and policy innovation. This session was pivotal for our North Brabant pilot, as we brainstormed innovative ideas and established a clear path forward.

Day 2: Taking Our GREENGAGE Tech to the Streets

As we entered the second day of our journey, the spirit of exploration took us outdoors. Armed with our cutting-edge GREENGAGE tech tools, we hit the streets of Den Bosch to test our tech capabilities in real-world settings. The mission was to extend our data collection efforts to practical heights, to co-explore the air quality and physical infrastructure for pedestrian safety better.

Walking through the streets surrounding the building of Province of North Brabant, we gathered firsthand data, uncovering a myriad of opportunities and challenges. The hands-on experience was invaluable, providing us with a deeper understanding of the environment and its nuances.

The day wrapped up with the governance model workshop led by GREENGAGE partner, UWE. We discussed local governance models, focusing on the specific contexts, structures, and processes relevant to our pilots. We uncovered existing issues and explored the potential for integrating GREENGAGE Observatories into the current governance structures and processes of each locality.

Day 3: Pedaling Through Breda

On the third day, we took our brainstorming sessions to the vibrant streets of Breda, and this time, we did it on two wheels. Our team embarked on a cycling adventure to test the city’s cycling infrastructure’s accessibility and inclusivity.

The ride through Breda’s cycling network was an eye-opener. From smooth paths to unexpected challenges, every pedal stroke brought us closer to our goal of enhancing the city’s cycling infrastructure. The experience highlighted the strengths and areas for improvement, pushing us to think creatively about solutions that benefit everyone.