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District / Neighbourhood 

Copenhagen is the capital and the most populated city of Denmark, with nearly 1.4 million inhabitants. The city is facing a number of challenges related to meeting the needs of the wider local community while creating liveable residential neighbourhoods, further affected by the currently problematic commuter traffic, pollution, and traffic noise. 

Ørestad Neighbourhood pilot is located at the southwest of the city centre on the island of Amager. It is a mix of residential, commercial, and university buildings, with approx. 25.000 people in each sector and a high influx of commuters. 

Key Challenges

Copenhagen pilot sets to address the following societal and environmental challenges: 

  • air pollution 
  • noise pollution 
  • light pollution 
  • transport and mobility 
  • poor living conditions 


The overall vision of the Ørestad Neighbourhood in Copenhagen is to test and investigate the utilization of citizen science and crowdsourced data collection in local democratic dialogues towards creating a climate-positive neighbourhood with improved conditions for urban living.  

The GREENGAGE project provides an opportunity to give a general input to policy that can be adapted in a wider setting and reflects the needs of a wider local community by investigating how digital solutions can be added to local democratic processes.