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About Amager Vest

Amager Vest is selected as pilot demonstration site for the GREENGAGE project. It is a district in Copenhagen located to the southwest of the city centre on the island of Amager, along the nature reserve of the ‘Common’. It is a mixed area that expands over historic working-class neighbourhoods, social housing, but also areas with larger one family houses. Within the last 20 years the district has expanded quite significantly with the addition of Ørestad and Nokken, two new brownfield developments, that apart from adding approximately 25.000 new residents also 25.000 university students and faculty within Law, Humanities, and IT and another 25.000 professionals to new HQs in Ørestad. 

Expansions of this magnitude bring stress to the existing infrastructures, most visible within mobility. Although a new metro line and regional train stations connect the area to public transport the old roads maintain historical dimensions where congestion is inevitable. To add to this Amager is located as a bridge between the main road network and new large developments; one is the construction of a new island, Lynetteholm from landfill into the ocean as an expansion of the City of Copenhagen, where 300 large lorries per day add to the congestion and the insecurity for the residents.  

Partly from popular uprising coordinated by the Amager Vest Local Council the City of Copenhagen has agreed as part of Budget 2024 to initiate a new paradigm of ‘Local Traffic Plans’ and include the public in developing these. The assignment of the GREENGAGE project is to support the Amager Vest Local Council to engage citizens in this effort and promote data collection that can support the development of new solutions to the traffic jam which has been imposed on the area.

Identified challenges

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by increasing infrastructure for active travel modes
  • Increase road safety and reduce excessive speed, and
  • Limit heavy truck through-traffic in residential areas